The Hip Cycle


Meet the Hip Cycle. A great way to activate those pesky hip stabilizers and get your lower limb ready for squatting, running, sports or even just walking.


You can thank me later.


1. Side lying with back and shoulders against a wall so you can’t roll back.

2. Bend your bottom leg and put the sole of your foot against the wall to be more stable.

3. Start position is with your foot directly in line with your hip. Do not let it get any lower than that. The highest point of your foot needs to be the bump on the outside of your ankle.


Do 5-10 reps of each of the following without rest between exercises twice a day. The goal is 20 reps each.


a. 6″ leg raises in abduction
b. Knee up to chest (90* knee and hip)
c. 12″ leg raises into abduction
d. Bicycling (knee up to chest, extend knee and sweep back to start with leg straight)
e. Clockwise circles
f. Counterclockwise circles

Good luck.


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