Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain


Pregnancy-related LBP

Researchers estimate that between 45-75% of pregnant women will experience low back pain at some stage of their pregnancy.  (1-5) Up to 33% rate their pain as severe. (6) Pregnancy-related low back pain (P-LBP) leads to lower quality of life, restricted activity, and disability – with almost 25% of pregnant women taking sick leave for LBP.  (2,7-11) The recurrence rate for pregnancy-related low back pain is 85-90%.  (11-14) Consequently, almost 1 in 5 women who report P-LBP during an initial pregnancy will avoid future pregnancies due to fear of returning symptoms.  (15) 

Pharmacologic options during pregnancy are limited, however a new study highlights a conservative alternative. A December 2017 systematic review of 102 studies found moderate-quality evidence suggesting manipulation had a significant effect on decreasing pain and increasing functional status in pregnant and post-partum women with LBP. (16)

This concurs with prior research showing that almost 75% of women undergoing chiropractic manipulation report significant pain reduction and clinically significant improvements in disability. (17,18) Postpartum LBP also responds favorably to spinal manipulation – approximately 10 times better than watchful waiting. (19)

Our providers strive to deliver safe and effective evidence-based care for your patients. Incorporating gentle manipulation with the appropriate exercises generally provides significant relief in very few visits.  


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