The Best Piece Of Fitness Gear?

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.02.58 PM.png

For my money I still believe that the classic TRX suspension trainer is the best piece of fitness equipment out there. Easy to use, super effective, safe, compact and scalable. All fitting into a little bag you can throw in your backpack or purse to take with you.

We have kids as young as 7 using it (my kids want to “work out” with us but are too young for weights, kettlebells and treadmills. The TRX is a great way to have them as part of your fitness routine in a safe way) and adults in their 70’s too (both my parents use the TRX to stay strong and limber in the retirement years).

With dozens of exercises and workouts at your disposal online you’ll never get bored and never find it “too easy”.

Check out the original TRX and all their cool accessories here:



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