Food Myth #6: Energy Drinks Are Better Than Soda


Red Bull, Monster and their brethren aim to give you a bump in energy with a giant dose of sugar, B vitamins, caffeine and “herbal extracts”. I’d imagine you’re already thinking “this sounds like a bad thing that I should avoid” but in case you aren’t…..

A 16 ounce can of this stuff packs a whopping 280 (!) calories of SUGAR in it which is about 80 calories more than the same sized serving of Pepsi or Coke. Still drinking this stuff? Great, I’ll pass along a few dentist contacts as well since a University of Maryland study showed that they are also 11% more corrosive on your teeth than soft drinks.

Drink more water, tea, black coffee and avoid anything with EXTREME or NEON on the can and you’ll be fine…….





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