Ischial Bursitis

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Ischial Bursitis
Ischial bursitis is the irritation of the bursa at the bony prominence behind the pelvis,​ ​called ischial tuberosity. This bony prominence represents an insertion zone for several muscles, including the hamstrings, and provides support in the sitting position.

Activities and sports that require the hamstring muscles to be repeatedly contracted or stretched during running, jumping or kicking can cause irritation of the bursa and sometimes inflammation. Ischial bursitis usually results from injury to the hamstring tendons. Prolonged sitting on a hard surface or falling on the buttocks can also aggravate the irritation.


Structures involved

The b​ursa ​is a small fluid-filled sac. The bursa located in the pelvis acts as a lubricant to reduce friction between the muscles and the ischial tuberosity.


Signs & Symptoms that you may experience

Each person will react differently after an injury and recovery will depend on the severity of the injury. Ischial bursitis can produce, but is not limited to pain in the buttock area, localized swelling of the bursa and reduced mobility at the hip.



Your rehabilitation plan, health profile, fitness level and nutritional status affect the recovery time. In most cases, you can expect a full recovery from ischial bursitis. As a general rule, this condition may take a few months to fully recover.1

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