Foot Over Pronation


The normal walking or running cycle begins with your heel striking the ground. As you transfer your body weight onto the front part of your foot, the arch of your foot naturally flattens slightly. This is called pronation.

The tissues that help maintain the arch of your foot are exposed to tremendous stress and may eventually break down. The loss of the normal arch of your foot results in a condition called “overpronation” or flat feet. This condition most commonly develops over a long period of time from repetitive stress.

Overpronation by itself is not painful, but the problem often leads to secondary problems, which may be painful. Plantar fasciitis, foot pain, shin splints and problems in the knee, hip or lower back are all related to overpronation. Patients who carry excess weight are more likely to develop this condition.

To help support your foot, you should wear shoes with good arch supports consistently. In some cases, specially molded orthotics may be needed to help support your arch.


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