Hurt At Work?

160801-F-DB969-034In Manitoba (Where we are located….. Different regions may have different requirements for reporting) the Worker’s Compensation Board is the body that insures workers when they are hurt on the job.

That being said, WCB has strict guidelines that need to be flowed in order to make the claim’s process simple, effective and stress free.

  1. Notify your employer! I can’t stress how important and how simple this is; if you get hurt (even if you think it’ll just go away) tell someone in charge. That can be your supervisor, your HR Department or the CEO. Just be sure to report it as close to the incident as possible…. No good comes from waiting it out for a few days.
  2. Notify WCB. Once your employer is aware, call WCB (In Winnipeg, call 204-786-8175. Outside Winnipeg, call toll free, 1-800-719-3809) and let them know what happened. The claim’s representative will walk you through the reporting process from there.
  3. Notify us! Contact us at 204-586-8424 for an initial WCB visit. We will go through the history of the incident and perform a full exam, diagnosis, report and treatment.
  4. Keep everyone in the loop. When you’re feeling better or if things change for the worse, let us all know so we can see our plan moving and get you back as quick as we can!

When followed in a timely and honest manner this process is an easy, stress free way to get you back to work in a safe, effective and timely manner.


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