Abdominal trigger points and back pain.

One of the most overlooked causes of back pain is trigger points in the abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles act to flex the trunk and to stabilize the upper body during most movements. As a result they can often become overloaded and strained. When this happens trigger points will form. These points will not only cause pain to be felt in the abdominal area but will also often refer pain into the back as well. Most massage for back pain is focused on the back muscles and the abs are often overlooked. If back pain in present the abdominals must be assessed to determine there involvement for a proper treatment to have the desired effect.

Headaches and whiplash.

With a whiplash injury the muscles of the neck get overloaded and strained. When this happens trigger points can form in any or all of these muscles. Trigger points in the neck muscles will refer pain into the head and face causing headaches and migraines. These points won’t release with rest, stretching, or rehab exercise. They require a manual technique like trigger point massage for them to resolve.

A whiplash injury can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Myofascial trigger points that form in the muscles of the neck and back as a result of this injury can cause all of these symptoms listed below. For a complete treatment plan for whiplash, trigger points must be released.