Trigger points in the multifidus muscle.

The multifidus muscle is a long muscle that travels the length of the spine. It has different actions on different parts of the spine. It extends and laterally flexes the cervical and lumbar spine, and rotates the thoracic spine. Trigger points in this muscle are common due to poor posture and bad movement mechanics. Trigger points in the lumbar area area are a common cause of low back pain. These lower points can also refer into the abdomen. Points that form in the cervical region will refer pain down the neck into the shoulder blade area.


American Medical Association Says “Increase Chiropractic Benefits”

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A new study study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that although chiropractic & acupuncture were recommended over pharmacologic options for treating low back pain, the treatments were not covered by all insurance plans.

The authors recommended expansion of insurance benefits to “improve comprehensive, multimodal coverage of best-practice treatments for chronic low back pain.”

Do you know a healthcare decision maker? Please share this American Chiropractic Association infographic to explain why ALL insurance plans should cover chiropractic care.


Heyward J, Jones CM, Compton WM, et al. Coverage of Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Low Back Pain Among US Public and Private Insurers. JAMA Network
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The rectus femoris muscle is one of your quad muscles. It acts primarily to extend the knee but it also helps to flex the hip. This muscle is often overloaded from athletic activity, but it also can become chronically shortened from prolonged sitting. Trigger points will refer pain deep into the knee producing a deep ache felt into the joint.

Suffering from Dizziness?


Your brain processes 3 different inputs to establish your sense of balance: your inner ear, your eyes, and tiny pressure sensors that line the inside of the joints of your upper neck. Dizziness or “vertigo” arises when one or more of these balance systems malfunctions by sending the wrong information to your brain. A new studyhas confirmed that chiropractic care, exercise, and acupuncture can help those dizzy spells. So, if you or someone you know suffers from dizziness, call our office today!

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the serratus anterior muscle is located on the side of the trunk. It attaches onto the ribs and the scapulae. This muscle assists in scapular motion and stability as well as assisting the movement of the ribs. Trigger points can form in this muscle due to poor shoulder posture. Once formed, these points will cause pain to be felt in the side, under the armpit, and down the inside of the arm. Once formed trigger points will not release on their own, they require a manual technique such as trigger point massage.

Carpal Tunnel Strikes Women More Often

Carpal Tunnel

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control found that women were more than 3x more likely to develop work-related carpal tunnel syndrome compared to men.

Want to learn more? Check out this short video about how carpal tunnel syndrome develops and what you can do to solve it.

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