Working Together With Your MD


Medical physicians and chiropractors are advancing their collaborative efforts as research continues to validate the safety and utility of spinal manipulation for select musculoskeletal disorders. A recent study identified the fundamental values of a successful MD/DC relationship.

Chiropractors who work with medical physicians typically display “an evidence-based approach to patient care plus the ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.” This MD/DC team approach has a direct positive impact on the new metrics of healthcare success:

“Delivery of chiropractic services was perceived to have high value among patients, medical providers, and administration. Patient clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, provider productivity, and cost offset were identified as markers of clinic success.” (1)

As next-generation chiropractors, we embody the evidence-based team approach to patient care. We are grateful for the opportunity to co-manage your cases and will work hard to maintain your trust.


Chiropractic and Neck-Related Headaches

HA C Spine.jpg


“A new study found that for patients suffering from a neck-related headache, chiropractic spinal manipulation cut the number of symptomatic days in half. Incidentally, the same study found that spinal manipulation proved to be more effective than massage for treatment of headache.

If you or someone you know suffers from headaches, check out this video to learn more about finding a solution.”


Pronator Teres Stretch

  • Begin with your elbow bent 90 degrees touching the front of your abdomen with your forearm pointing straight forward. Your palm should be facing up.
  • With your opposite hand, apply a torque to rotate your involved hand outward (thumb moving down.)
  • Gently straighten your elbow to increase tension. Against your own resistance, attempt to rotate your involved hand inward (palm down) for seven seconds.
  • Relax and increase the stretch, locking into each new position.
  • Perform three contract/relax cycles twice per day or as directed.