Glute max and sacral pain.

The gluteus maximus muscle is a major player in hip extension. Despite its involvement in walking, running, skating, and pretty much all types of upright movement it remains largely undeveloped in most bodies. This Lak of strength sets it up for overload injuries like trigger points and myofascial pain. These trigger points not only cause glute and hip pain but are also a common source of sacral pain as well. The best prevention for these problems is strong glutes!!! So stop sitting on your butt, and start strengthening it with resistance training.

Abdominal trigger points and back pain.

One of the most overlooked causes of back pain is trigger points in the abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles act to flex the trunk and to stabilize the upper body during most movements. As a result they can often become overloaded and strained. When this happens trigger points will form. These points will not only cause pain to be felt in the abdominal area but will also often refer pain into the back as well. Most massage for back pain is focused on the back muscles and the abs are often overlooked. If back pain in present the abdominals must be assessed to determine there involvement for a proper treatment to have the desired effect.