Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder osteoarthritis is a condition that can cause stiffness that limits joint range of motion. Over time, movements over the head become limited, generally causing pain and alteration of the normal biomechanics of the shoulder. Your muscles must therefore work harder during movement, generating a feeling of muscle tension.

To date, the exact causes of osteoarthritis have not been fully identified. It is completely normal to have a mild level of osteoarthritis with age. However, the more advanced stages of osteoarthritis can affect the ability to carry out daily activities and sports. An exacerbation of symptoms usually occurs during a period when the level of physical activity has been drastically increased. Direct trauma to the shoulder can also increase the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

Each person reacts differently to osteoarthritis. It can produce, but is not limited to, local pain in the front of the shoulder, localized edema and stiffness in certain shoulder movements. Movements over the head and a sleeping position with direct pressure on the shoulder can cause pain.

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