SLAP Shoulder Tears

Overhead Athlete? This one’s for you!

SLAP Shoulder Tears

A labral tear occurs when the labrum, a ring of fibrocartilage used to stabilize the shoulder, tears. There are multiple types of labrum tears but the most common is called a superior labrum anterior and posterior tear (SLAP).

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, but this mobility also makes it more susceptible to injury.

A labral tear can happen slowly over time or suddenly from a car accident, a fall on an outstretched arm, or a dislocated shoulder. People participating in sports involving repetitive overhead movements, such as throwing athletes, are at greater risk of having a labral tear.

A labral tear can cause, but is not limited to, pain in the front of the shoulder, instability, weakness and a limited active range of motion. The pain is often felt when raising the arm above the head. Clicking or crackling sounds may also be heard during shoulder movement.

It is also possible to feel pain at night, especially when sleeping on the affected shoulder.

Treatment consists of Class IV Laser Therapy, management of any biomechanical stresses in the area and exercise rehabilitation to address any weaknesses that can be putting undue stress on the area. 



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