Rotator Cuff Tears

A rotator cuff tear means that one or more tendons of a group of muscles stabilizing the shoulder – called the rotator cuff – is torn either partially or fully.

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that help stabilize the humerus (upper arm bone), in the shoulder socket during arm movements.

The shoulder has great mobility but is prone to injury during falls or accidents, or in case of altered motor control.

A tear of the rotator cuff can cause but is not limited to, pain at the shoulder and sometimes the scapula, loss of strength and active range of motion, and sometimes localized swelling.

Pain or weakness is often felt when lifting the arm overhead or when lowering it from an elevated position. Pain may also be present at night. In more advanced cases, one may additionally feel pain during the day while at rest.

Relative rest is a good way to protect your shoulder and prevent further damage, but it’s important to avoid overprotecting your injury. A few days rest where you avoid pain-inducing movement and activities might be necessary. Returning to your activities of daily living, light cardiovascular exercise and specific mobility and strengthening exercises will allow better recovery.

Treatment of rotator cuff injuries consists of Acupuncture, Class IV Laser Therapy, management of any biomechanics stresses in the area and exercise rehabilitation to address any weaknesses that can be putting undue stress on the area. 



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