Alternative to Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel

A new study in the Journal of Clinical Biomechanics explains how chiropractic manual therapy may provide benefit for carpal tunnel patients: “mobilization significantly increased carpal tunnel cross-sectional area, AP diameter, and circularity. Both the carpal tunnel and the median nerve became rounder during the technique.” (1)

Several earlier studies demonstrated lasting benefit from manual therapy. A July 2018 systematic review of carpal tunnel syndrome research comparing surgical vs. non-surgical outcomes found: “No significant differences at 3 or 12 months” regarding functional status, symptom severity, and nerve conduction outcomes.” (2)

We are not extrapolating that all carpal tunnel syndrome patients will resolve via conservative care. However, these studies highlight a viable non-surgical option for some cases. We hope that you will consider our office for those patients who do not yet require surgical management. 


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