A horrible event to wake up to.

My friends and I have spent countless hours on buses zigzagging from one small town to the next as part of Jr. hockey teams. This tragedy hits hard as a result. I can’t shake the image of a team full of guys, on their way to battle a rival in the playoffs, relaxing, shooting the shit, chirping each other about last game, talking girls and the NHL when the unthinkable happens.

These guys were and are hockey guys.

Hockey guys are a different breed. Tough, loyal, hardworking and a joy to be around. The men who have had the biggest influence on me are hockey guys. My Dad, Trigger, Pop, countless coaches and teammates. My son is a hockey guy, my best friends are hockey guys.

As hockey parents we imagine sending our sons away to ride these buses. Imagine them chasing their dreams as we did before them. We hope they’ll be safe, make life long friendships and become men along the way. That was taken from the Broncos last night and it breaks my heart.

These hockey guys need our help now. Their families, friends, billets and fans need our help. I don’t have a big following or a pulpit through which to bring attention to what happened. Many others do and are making the world aware of the tragedy that Humboldt and all of the hockey world woke up to. What I do have is a cheque book and I’ll use that to help how I can.

If you’re a prayer guy, please pray for these kids and all who know them. If not, save a spot to think of them today. If you’re able, please try and support them financially a little bit to help them through this unthinkable time in their lives.


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