What is Jumper’s Hip? Dancer’s Hip? Ps

What is Jumper’s Hip? Dancer’s Hip?

Psoas tendinopathy often arises secondary to repetitive flexion of an externally rotated hip. The condition is commonly termed “dancer’s hip” or “jumper’s hip”, as movements associated with these activities predispose participants to injury.

Psoas tendinopathy is particularly common in ballet dancers – with more than 90% reporting clicking or snapping. The condition is also seen in athletes who participate in resistance #training, #rowing, track and field, #running (especially uphill), #soccer, and #gymnastics, and #hurdling.

Treatment of this condition involves a multi-faceted approach. Sift tissue treatments by hand (#myofascial release, trigger point therapy), acupuncture, laser therapy and home rehabilitation are all part of our plan to correct not only the pain of psoas tendinopathy but also the underlying cause.

#injury http://ow.ly/i/yyUkQ

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