Training As A Grown-Up?

Training north of 40 need not be as daunting a task as it sounds nor does it need to be a mash up of low impact hamster wheels and resistance bands. With proper education and planning, training into your 40’s and beyond can push you to new heights and successes.

First thing first, we need to set out some ground rules:

  1. Have a plan and know that it will change. Life happens and changes occur so planning 10 month training systoles is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. I like to see my patients plan in 4 week blocks. This allows you to plan a single month’s worth of gym work, events, rest and recovery.
  2. Recovery and prevention are KEY habits. Recovery from high intensity workouts is key at any point but becomes paramount once we reach our 40’s and up. Tissues lose elasticity, HGH and Testosterone levels drop and our ability to heal reduces. Getting adequate rest, keeping joints, bones, muscles and connective tissues healthy and eating smart will eep you healthy, mobile and fuelled up for your day to day and your workouts.
  3. Hae a go to “quick and dirty” workout for when your day turns into a train wreck. Finding time to get to the gym or park to put your work in can be impossible some days, we all know that; those are the days to have a simple, effective 15 minute blast that you can go to to get at least SOMETHING done. I’m partial to 15 minutes of 10 Kettlebell swing, every minute on the minute. 25 minutes will get you 150 swings and a nice explosive workout when time is crunched.
  4. Put strength work at the top of you training pyramid. As we age muscle mass decreases. It sucks but its true. We can fight this decline by having strength work as our top priority when training.

Thanks for reading and let me know what other topics you’d like to see discussed moving forward!fitness-1882721_960_720

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