Very interesting article outlining why y

Very interesting article outlining why your Chiropractor is an excellent choice as part of your primary care team. In our office we aim to be your go to provider for pain and dysfunction. If more people are aware of our ability to diagnose, treat and refer when needed then we can take a big chunk of the overuse problem out of MD’s offices. MD’s are the place to be for your cough, cold and illness but Chiropractors are an excellent option for pain presentations.

Mechanical back pain accounts for over 15 million office visits a year ( ). If only a fraction of those presented instead to their Chiropractor then you’d see a great decrease in wait times for GP visits, less burnout of GP’s & better results in numerous areas of care (work days lost, patient satisfaction, healthcare dollars spent on back pain, opioid addictions).

You have many options when dealing with back pain; Chiropractic is a primary one.


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