Shin Splints

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If you’re an avid runner, then you’ve probably experienced the pain of medial tibial stress syndrome at some point. Also known as shin splints, this condition is caused by repetitive stress on the tibia, or by excessive traction on the fascia (the muscle envelope) from the surface of the bone.

This condition, commonly known as “shin splints”, affects people who regularly participate in activities that put stress on the lower leg muscles and tibia, such as walking, running, or jumping. The condition is caused by training intensity and/or volume being increased too quickly, without allowing adequate time for recovery.

Shin splints are a painful condition caused by repetitive stress on the shinbone (tibia). This can be from excessive traction on the muscles and fascia around the bone, resulting in inflammation. Shin splints are a common injury, especially for runners. Treatment includes rest, ice, and stretching as.

Repetitive stress on the tibia, or excessive traction of the fascia, can cause medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints). The fascia is a muscle envelope that covers the surface of the bone. When this tissue is overworked, it can lead to pain and inflammation in the shins.

This condition mostly affects people who do a lot of walking, running, or jumping. Their tibia and lower leg muscles have to absorb a lot of weight, which can lead to injury. Generally, this happens when people suddenly increase the intensity or volume of their training without giving their bodies enough time to recover.

Class IV Laser is a large part of our treatments. It provides safe and effective, treatment for leg pain and injury. Patients generally respond well to treatments and should notice pain relief after a few treatments. Our treatments use the latest Class IV Lasers and as well as other therapies including myofascial release and acupuncture to help reduce the pain, strengthen the muscles and increase range of motion. Most importantly these treatments help reduce inflammation/swelling, which helps with increasing function, pain relief and speeding up a return to normal life. 

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